As a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, as you can imagine, I’m  often asked about pelvic floor exercises.

How do I do them?

Am I doing them correctly?

How many times?

How long and how strong?

Of course my quick answer to this is that everyone is an individual. If you feel your pelvic floor is not functioning well, you really should see a physiotherapist and have a pelvic floor assessment and a programme that is tailored to YOU.

Just like if you asked a personal trainer what type of exercise you should do. They would probably ask what level of exercise you’ve done in the past and what your goals are. They might ask you what your work involves, if you have any medical conditions and lots more, before putting together a great programme that will work for you and that you’ll enjoy. As pelvic health physiotherapists we do the same. We aim to ensure that whatever you need to do, your pelvic floor will eventually be up to the job!

Seeing a pelvic health physiotherapist isn’t practical for everyone though. So I’ve put together a very basic handout for my post partum clients outlining how to do pelvic floor exercises and what’s important which you’ll find here.

As always, if you’re not sure or if you have a specific issue which is worsening, or you’re not sure you’re doing the exercises correctly, find your local women’s health/pelvic health physiotherapist. There are lots of us around!

You can contact me on 0879229708 or at the clinic on 0526172826 or via email at louise-carroll@hotmail.com

You can find out more about pelvic floor exercises in a blog post I wrote here.

Pelvic floor info handout