Parent & Baby Pilates Class

Baby massage classesBaby Massage

This is a lovely, laid-back, baby-led class where you can meet and chat with other parents and their babies and learn the new skill of baby massage! Sometimes baby massage can help with common baby ailments like colic, constipation and wind. Babies love the eye contact, voice and loving touch of their parents and parents love taking time out from the busyness of looking after a new baby and just spending some time unwinding with their baby.

Baby massage is a 5 week course and costs €90 including oils and handouts. (Your health insurance may cover some or all of the cost of the course depending on your plan.)


Snuggle and Stretch classes Snuggle & Stretch

We all know babies LOVE and need to be carried. They don't call the first three months of a baby's life 'the 4th trimester' for nothing. Carrying babies helps them to sleep better and cry less, it helps their development and its easy and convenient for mums and dads. What's not to love!

In our Snuggle & Stretch class you'll learn how to safely carry your baby in a soft stretchy wrap and do some gradually progressing toning and stretching exercises while your baby enjoys the gentle movement and sound of your heartbeat.

The class is led by Louise Murphy, a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Women's Health & Continence and exercises will be tailored to each mum and baby's level and ability so that you can safely begin exercising after the birth of your baby. 

Snuggle and Stretch is a 5 week course and costs €100.


Mum and Baby Yoga irelandParent and Baby Yoga & Baby Yoga

This class incorporates gentle movement for Parent and baby, to enhance bonding, help with baby's development and mum's strength and flexibility and allow mums and baby to relax together. We use touch and voice to stimulate baby's senses and help with relaxation. An added benefit is that babies often sleep really well after this class, so mums and dads do too!

Parent and Baby Yoga is a 5 week course and costs €100.


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