Online Pregnancy Pilates

Stretching and Strengthening

Our online pregnancy pilates classes are designed and led by Louise Murphy, a specialist physiotherapist in Women’s Health & Gentlebirth Instructor and are delivered in a similar format to our live classes. We start with a gentle warm-up, moving onto more demanding exercises and finishing our exercise component of the class with a cool-down.

Online Pregnancy Pilates info


All our online pregnancy pilates classes end with a short practice of breathing techniques for both the first and second stage of labour and we practice these techniques in several different positions.

Our course also involves receiving information on various topics related to birth, such as birth positions, mother-led pushing v coached pushing and more.

Once you register for the course of 6 classes, you will immediately be able to access your first class, which you can attend as many times per week as you feel able.

You’ll also receive access to a new class each week until the end of the 6-week course so that you can build on your progress as you get used to the exercises.

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In our live classes, we usually finish with a relaxation session from the Gentlebirth app too, so if you’d like to do the same download the app to receive a week’s free trial. If you enjoy it, you can subscribe!


Designed by pelvic health physio, Louise Murphy, this course will help you to get a head start with your pelvic floor rehab. So if you’re waiting to see a pelvic health physio for a particular issue or just want to prevent any future problems, this course has you covered!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our online classes: 0879229708 or! Louise x