Have you seen signs about Gentlebirth Meet-Ups around your neighbourhood or popping up on your Facebook newsfeed and wondered what they were all about?

Well here are 6 reasons why you should head along!

1. It’s free.meet for coffee

Well unless you’d like to have coffee and cake that is….everybody buys their own (and nobody counts how many slices)!

2. Cake.

Did I mention there’s cake? We usually meet up to chat in a local cafe or restaurant, preferably one with good cake (and/or coffee).

3. It’s a great place to ‘find your tribe’.

As expectant or new parents, you’ll need a network of friends and supporters more now than ever before, even if it’s just to reassure you that you’re doing fine and whatever challenges pop you will survive them! You’ll build an amazing support network to help you on your pregnancy and parenting journey.

4. Knowledge is power!Childbirth education is important

You’ll pick up information you didn’t even know you needed. From your local Gentlebirth instructor as well as other parents who are having or have had, similar experiences (or very different ones!) to you.

You don’t need to have booked a workshop or to be using the Gentlebirth app to come along – we welcome mums who are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant and of course, parents. We’re thrilled to see partners coming along too – Gentlebirth birth partners have a very important role to play in your pregnancy, labour and birth as well as in parenting.

5. It’s a strictly Negative Nelly – free zone!

At Gentlebirth, we prefer to focus on the positive. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear when things are not going well for you but we look for the positive in every situation as much as possible and focus on ‘controlling the controllables’ and remembering that birth doesn’t always go the way we plan. Sometimes our babies have a very different plan to ours!

6. When you leave you’ll be excited!

You’ll go home feeling empowered and full of excitement that you’ll be meeting your baby soon. You’ll probably want to book a Gentlebirth workshop too after hearing the lovely birth stories from our other Gentlebirth families!


To find details of your next local Gentlebirth Meetup, visit the Gentlebirth website,¬†select your location and RSVP. Or you can simply show up on the day. You’ll also find dates for meetups posted on the¬†Gentlebirth Mums Group. Enjoy the cake and chat!