Love hearing birth stories like this! These parents came to my Gentlebirth workshop in Limerick.

Hi Louise,

We have baby news!  We had a bouncy baby boy, A, 6lbs 14ozs on 30/06/16.  He was born 2 days after due date and it started with some gel in hospital but everything else went naturally and almost exactly as I had written it in my story.  I had no cramps/surges before my waters broke at 11am, but I was only 2cm.  I remained on the ward until I felt the surges increase to the point I wanted gas and air and was moved to the delivery ward at 13:30.  When I got there I was 10cm and could feel my body pushing.  He was born at 13:58 and we walked back to the ward.  We left the hospital 24 hours later and delighted to be home with the rest of the family.

Thanks so much for your course, I’m sure that my success was due to all I had learned with gentle birth.