Pregnancy Pelvic Girdle Pain – When Pregnancy Is A Pain In The Bum

Odds are if you’re reading this post, you’re pregnant. And possibly have a pain in your bum! Pregnancy pelvic girdle pain is really common in pregnancy and won’t usually affect whether you have a caesarean or a vaginal birth.
‘But what is pregnancy pelvic girdle pain? What causes it? Will it get better? And what […]


Pregnancy Exercise

cta1So you've just learned you're pregnant - congratulations! If you're usually active (or even if you're not) and you're anxious to keep (or start) exercising here are some important pointers for safe pregnancy exercise!


Minding mums are delighted to welcome you to our new website! We hope to keep you up to date on all things pregnancy, post-pregnancy and women’s health-related as well as providing you with fantastic products such as our online Pregnancy Pilates class which we’ve just launched. This will be followed in the next few months […]