12 Resources for an Evidence Based Pregnancy & Post Partum

Expecting a baby in 2017? Feeling like you'd like to be a little more informed? Or just wondering what books you might buy with those Christmas book vouchers? Here are some really great books, websites and workshops where you'll find (almost) everything you'll need to know as an expectant or new parent.

What’s Happening in 2017?

A quick round-up of all the fun classes and workshops and great services I'll be offering in 2017!

7 Tips for Post Partum Prolapse

The good news is that post natal prolapse often resolves very well with conservative treatment and surgery is not usually required. Here are some tips if you think you have a prolapse following the birth of your baby.

Gentlebirth: From a Skeptic to a Skeptic

Skeptical about Gentlebirth? To tell the truth, I was too. I first stumbled across Gentlebirth when I was working as a Women’s Health physiotherapist in a general hospital with a small maternity unit. My job involved treating pregnant women with pain and incontinence problems, giving the ‘physiotherapy antenatal classes’, and, the part I found […]


Looking For an Excuse to Eat Cake? You’re Welcome!

Have you seen signs about Gentlebirth Meet-Ups around your neighbourhood or popping up on your Facebook newsfeed and wondered what they were all about?
Well here are 6 reasons why you should head along!
1. It’s free.
Well unless you’d like to have coffee and cake that is….everybody buys their own (and nobody counts how many slices)!
2. […]


A Speedy Arrival for a First Time Mum!

Another lovely birth story this month – a little lady in a big rush to meet her mum and dad!

Hi Louise,

Baby G arrived on Wednesday morning at 4.30am! Had been listening to the tracks every day, had a feeling something was happening – woke at 1.30am in the morning with mild pains and my […]


A Positive Early Arrival!

Another beautiful birth story. This couple came to my Limerick Gentlebirth workshop and their little boy was in such a hurry to arrive, he made his own plan! Gentlebirth parents know that a positive birth is defined by the parents and that even if the unexpected happens, they’ve got the tools to rock their […]


Gentle Induction

Love hearing birth stories like this! These parents came to my Gentlebirth workshop in Limerick.

Hi Louise,

We have baby news!  We had a bouncy baby boy, A, 6lbs 14ozs on 30/06/16.  He was born 2 days after due date and it started with some gel in hospital but everything else went naturally and almost exactly […]


Exercises for Pregnancy Pelvic Girdle Pain

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages – since I wrote my other two blog posts on pregnancy pelvic girdle pain, which you can read here and here. But I’ve finally got round to it this month after a lovely holiday!

I always recommend an individual assessment with a knowledgeable healthcare provider (preferably someone who […]


Avoid Being Hangry in Labour!

What do you know about eating and drinking in labour? Or had you thought about it at all? Labour can be long and we need to make sure that mums have enough energy to keep going. Check out some ideas and information here!