Two cute tiny baby feet wrapped in a blue-green aqua knitted blanket.

Another lovely birth story this month – a little lady in a big rush to meet her mum and dad!

Hi Louise,

Baby G arrived on Wednesday morning at 4.30am! Had been listening to the tracks every day, had a feeling something was happening – woke at 1.30am in the morning with mild pains and my waters broke so headed to the hospital, was fully dilated at 3.30am and herself was out by 4.30am. No time for epidural, just gas and air! She flew out very quick! Delighted with her now, just getting my head around it all. She’s very good so far and feeding well. Overall it was a very positive experience – apparently I was very relaxed, even though I don’t know if I felt it at the time but all worth it now. Thanks a million, C