1. It’s safe!

    Many pregnancy classes are designed and led by specialists in pregnancy like midwives, specialist physiotherapists, antenatal teachers and doulas. As a Women’s Health physiotherapist, doula and Gentlebirth instructor, I choose exercises that encourage flexibility, balance and strength. These are all helpful in pregnancy, labour and post-partum.

  2. It boosts energy.

    After a tough day at work, heading out to an exercise class is probably the last thing you feel like doing. But you’ll be glad you did! Exercise causes release of endorphins (our happy hormones). After your class you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed and revitalised.

  3. You meet other mums-to-be and build your support network.

     It’s great to get to know other pregnant mums when you’re expecting. ‘Mum friends’ can be a brilliant source of advice and support during pregnancy. They’re also great support when you’re on maternity leave and everyone else is at work!

  4. It can help to get your baby in the best position for labour.

    As a physiotherapist who has trained in Spinning Babies techniques, I choose exercises for my classes that promote flexibility and balance to help your baby move into the best position, ready to be born.

  5. You become more ‘body aware’ – important for the pelvic floor!

    Doula TipperaryExercise and mindful movement equals improved body awareness. During pregnancy pilates classes we focus on breathing, balance and posture. Improved awareness of individual muscle groups helps us to recognise and release tension. It also makes pelvic floor exercises (which we practice during the class) easier.

  6. Information is often part of the programme.

    Many pregnancy classes now provide some information on various topics around labour and birth. In my classes and on our private class Facebook group, I provide information on positions for labour, types of pushing, breathing for labour and lots more.

  7. Exercise helps you to recover more quickly from the birth.

    Pregnancy Pilates BenefitsThe research is unanimous! Women who exercise during pregnancy (and after) feel better sooner after the birth. You’ll gain a healthy amount of weight during your pregnancy and lose it more quickly once your baby is born. Exercise during pregnancy can shorten labour and reduce your risk of tears and Caesarean section. What’s not to like?!

  8. Pregnancy Pilates can reduce your chances of developing low back or pelvic pain or help you to manage it.

    I work with lots of mums who want to do pregnancy pilates because they have (or have had) low back pain or pelvic girdle pain. It may be necessary to modify some exercises, but in most cases women do find that regular pilates can help to reduce or even eliminate their pain. It helps to have a really knowledgeable instructor. For this reason I always recommend asking about your instructor’s professional background or training before signing up to a class.

  9. It helps you to relax and switch off.

    An hour a week isn’t too much to devote to yourself – is it? Practicing mindful movement like pilates takes your focus out of your busy mind and into your body so you can switch off after a stressful day. We always finish our class with a short Gentlebirth mindfulness track so everyone goes away feeling lovely and loose and relaxed!


I give classes in Clonmel & Cahir on Monday and Tuesday evenings respectively. Both classes are at 7pm. If you’d like more information, contact me on 0879229708 or louise@mindingmums.com or come along to a Positive Birth Meetup. They’re free to attend and happen once a month in Clonmel.

Louise x