family, mother and baby in a sling and a baby sister

1. It’s Easy & Convenient!

Car seats are heavy. Prams and buggies can be a pain to manoeuvre in and out of the car. Slings are so much less hassle, particularly when baby is small. Once you’ve mastered how to work your sling, just pop it on, pop baby in and off you go! Carrying your baby in a sling leaves your hands free for the many unavoidable jobs around the house so you don’t have to wait for your baby to nod off before you can fix yourself a bit of lunch. If you have older kids, having your hands free gives you time to give your toddler a hug or read a story with a preschooler.


2. Slings are Economical

                                                                         Most slings cost much less than a buggy or pram.


??????????????????????????????????3. Carried Babies Cry Less

Research (and of course mum’s intuition!) tells us that babies who are carried more, cry less. When baby is closer to you, you can pick up on her cues before she begins to cry, helping her to feel secure and content. Smaller babies love to be cuddled in close to mum so they don’t become overwhelmed by the great big world around them. And all babies love the smell of their mum and the familiar sound of her breathing and her heartbeat.





4. Babies Sleep Better in a Sling

Babies sleep better when in contact with a parent’s body in a sling. Being upright also promotes good digestion and can ease colic and reflux, baby problems that are practically unheard of in countries where babies are carried a lot.


Depositphotos_53611873_l-2015 small5. It’s good for you & good for baby

Your baby is a tailor-made weight just for you! As you get stronger, your baby gets heavier and you work harder as you carry her – perfect! While you get stronger, baby is developing too. Being carried helps the vestibular system (your baby’s balance organs) develop. Babies who are carried experience movement in all directions (up and down, forward and backward and side to side) that they don’t get in buggies where movement is primarily backward or forward. This also helps your baby’s muscle tone to develop as she makes small adjustments to her body position as you move.



Young father



6. It’s great for bonding – especially for Dads

Dads sometimes don’t get much quality time especially when babies are really small. Often mums are breastfeeding and in the early days this can take up a lot of baby’s ‘awake’ time. Often Dads have to return to work very soon after the birth too, so carrying baby in a sling can be a lovely way for baby and dad to get to know each other.



 7. It builds self confidence

Carrying your baby so close to you means you get to know her individual cues so she can communicate her needs without needing to cry very often. This helps baby to feel secure and confident. Parents are more confident too when we feel we’re doing the best job of caring for our baby.



So get out there and try a sling. If you don’t like the first one you try, don’t give up. There are loads of different slings out there – you’ll find one that you and your baby will love and use every day. No need to buy until you try; check out your local sling library first. You can get more information from Babywearing Ireland or from a babywearing consultant who can advise you on the best sling for you and your baby and show you how it works. Our favourites are Méabh & Tricia at Snugglebugs!  Check them out here. Or if you’re in or around Tipperary, Ireland, you can join our Snuggle & Stretch parent and baby class, where you’ll learn how to carry your baby in a stretchy sling while you gently ease your body back into some fun exercise!