Another beautiful birth story. This couple came to my Limerick Gentlebirth workshop and their little boy was in such a hurry to arrive, he made his own plan! Gentlebirth parents know that a positive birth is defined by the parents and that even if the unexpected happens, they’ve got the tools to rock their birth!  

We had little baby C on 22nd June. He came prematurely at 36 weeks so we did not have the homebirth we had planned, but instead had a trip into A&E! However once we got in there, we had the most perfect and brilliant natural birth. I used the labour companion track to cope with contractions in the pre labour ward between 2pm and 6pm, at which point they were surprised to find I was feeling the urge to push and was 10cm dilated!

They moved me to a delivery suite at 6pm, where our birth plan meant they dimmed the lights, switched off any staff radios, and stayed well away from us while we followed my own urge to push. It was really just my husband and I labouring and pushing until 9.30pm or so, when C was finally born. His head went in and out three times which I found very frustrating!! We delayed cord clamping, and then my husband cut the cord after 12 minutes or so.

As he was premature, Casper went into ICU until he was breathing and eating by himself, and we took him home eight days later. This part was very tough, but I pumped so he could have expressed colostrum, and he latched on as soon as they removed his feeding tube. We are delighted to have him home with us now, and we absolutely credit the gentlebirth tracks and course and advice for helping us have the completely natural birth that we did. The midwives there commended us on our birth plan and labouring, and later on a midwife told me that the type of birth I was able to give him, would have really helped him with his initial problems as a premature baby.

Thanks so much again, R

cute baby